We make video games and teach others how to build them. We use technology to bring out the creativity and concentration in kids.

Camps and Workshops in Lodi

We are now open at our downtown location and are offering after school classes for 5th – 8th graders. Check out our Intro courses in Game Design that lead to our week long camps in the Summer.

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Putting the A in STEM

The game design process, including:
  • Graphics
  • Narrative
  • Level Design
  • Audio
  • Code
Allows us to find something for every student to excel at.

Camps and Workshops

We are continuously working on getting more camps and workshops open to everyone. To stay updated on where we open next please subscribe.

Our Approach

We love to teach kids & Adults, and strive to pair funding to keep the barrier to entry low.

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    Become a Creator

    We want you to be the creators of media, not simply consumers.

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    Game Development

    Provides instant gratification & visual reinforcement of learning concepts.

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    Your confidence to develop bigger and better games for the future.


Student games from past camps



From Big Panda's video tutorials



Your own game!